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So What Exactly is Digital Oil Portraiture?

Digital Oil Portraiture is the process of taking a photograph and converting it to the digital equivalent
of a traditional painted portrait. Many of the same techniques are involved in the process. Colors are
mixed, size is chosen as are pose, type (Oil, Watercolor etc) and ultimate method of display.

The display aspect is a great strength of digital portraits. Where a traditional portrait cannot easily be
reproduced, a digital portrait can be duplicated via the giclee print process so other family members
can have their own. The result is that now not only the parents can have a child's portrait but so
can the grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone else important to your family.

To some, unfortunately, a digital portrait may mean a simple press of a button on some software
program that promises one-step results. While these programs exist, there is much lacking in their
final results, life and vibrance chief among them. A true digital oil portrait is a time-consuming
endeavor requiring much study of the subject, as well as a painstaking attention to detail. To
accomplish this, the artist must have the training to learn not only the mechanics of the
medium but possess the talent to see the subject is a way that raises the results to true art.
This is true of any medium and might be liken to the difference between "art" and "paint by numbers."

I hope you like my work.

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