I come from an industrial background and have spent a number of years doing everything from teaching hydraulics and compressed air to producing websites related to products ( www.ergo-lifts.com ) along with brochures, line cards and technical reports. Somewhere along the way I developed the ability to explain complex concepts in a non-technical way ( www.aircompressorexchange.com ) allowing the non-technical buyer/subscriber/student to become an informed consumer. I currently teach a variety of subjects in a large urban school system so I am used to the rigors of jumping from one subject to the next.

Please review the links and let me help you explain your products in a manner your customers will understand. I will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the material is covered completely and yet understandably. I will ensure that the work is performed at the level of complexity that best suites your target audience. I typically quote by the job to ensure that if extra time is required, you are not saddled with hidden fees and upcharges.

I can also produce technical graphics either starting from scratch or using existing photos and specification sheets. I can reduce the complext to allow your customers to make sensible choices on your shopping cart site, www.industrial-stores.com

Technical Writing